on illness and one’s conscience

i’ve been unwell, off and on, for a little over a week now. a sore throat that went down into my chest, recovered  little on the weekend, and then got worse this week.

i hate this type of illness, especally when it is warm outside, and i have a lot of work to do.

so, on the recommendation of a friend, i finally gave acupuncture a try yesterday. it had been raved about so much, that when i started coughing like a smoker, i thought i would give it a try.

it was an interesting experience. even though he knew i was a virgin-acupuncture-receiver, the doc didn’t explain anything to me. he just went right in and stuck a needle into the top of my skull. followed by one on each side of my neck. then he asked me to lie down on the bed.

(my dear brother has done some needling on me in the past – much longer needles – and alwas emphasized that i musn’t move. so this is where my long stillness began).

in all, i had 21 needles in me – from thumb and wrist via inside-of-elbow to chest and throat. and i lay dead-still for about an hour. it felt like 2 days.

some of the needles i hardly felt going in, some of them were a little sore.

afterwards, i was mildly disappointed that there had not been an immediate improvement (duh!) and i castigated myself for expecting the impossible. in order to reinforce the process, i was asked to come back on thursday.

and so today, after an ok night’s sleep, i decided to stay in bed. the chest has felt a little better – but the nose keeps on doing the dash. i don’t like taking the day off work, but i finally allowed nyself to realise that it is probably the best thing to do. even my boss replied in her sms that it “is a good decision”.

of course, lying in bed all day is quite frustrating. not because i can read (oh the luxury of that!) but because one is never quite comfortable. almost wanting to doze. never having a lot of energy to make food or tea. but with a regular switch between sofa and bed, i have managed to get through the light-part of the day.

hopefully i will feel even better tomorrow. i shall have to see if i spend it in bed or at desk…

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