Relax: 6 beaches and a restaurant tip

Relaxation was the main focus of the day today – starting with a 30 minute deep tissue massage in the hotel’s beautiful spa.

A quick stop on the beach in front of the hotel was the first of 6 beaches I visited during the course of the day. Admittedly, the first one was short, and the last 3 were shortish visits to windy (I.e. Non-swum) beaches in search of a stunning sunset.

I spend the lunchtime hours in one of the bay’s on Kallithea beach, between Rhodes town and Faliraki, on the east cost. It is very near the Thermes I went to on the first day. There were hardly any people there, despite it being a Saturday. I found a spot on the rocks, away from the umbrellas and sun loungers – and space to just relax by myself.

Mid afternoon, being the good German that I am, I made my way to the nudist beach, Mantomata, south of Faliraki. I had been told that Maria’s Taverna there served good food, so I had to try that out of course! They were right, her Greek salad, hold the olives, was excellent.

Interestingly, this beach is just as well “organized” as the other beaches on this stretch: umbrellas, sun loungers and massages for rent.

In the late afternoon I again really appreciated having a car here – I head a little south, and then crossed the island roughly at its mid-point. I got to see a different side – a more foresty and green section cutting through mountains, and ending in Sorani.

The west cost might have the sunsets, but the the beaches are stony (not in itself a problem) and the area is very windy! No surprise then that apart from a few fishermen I was the only soul on them there shores.

After a clean up in the hotel, I headed out for dinner at a restaurant that a colleague had suggested from her time when she lived here, and it was a highlight of my stay.

Skalakia is in a village called Pastida, well well off the tourist trails. The owner suggested I try a plate of several small portions of different meals, and it was grand.

Cheese samoosas, lamb with tomato sauce, stuffed mushrooms, dolmades, meatballs, salad and a tiny dessert to finish with. Price wise, it was unbeatable – EUR14,50 for the 3 course, a glass of red and a coca cola. Wow.

A wonderfully relaxing day 🙂

– what I missed at the hotel today, boo hoo, NOT!
– the hotel beach ( 2 pics)
– pics from the west coast at Kallithea and Faliraki
– 2 pics from on the road: a friend told me that they have a house with a partially built top story… Here is what that looks like, seen quite a bit here
– sunsets on the west coast, north and south of Sorino
– The Skalakia restaurant and my meal

















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