of bye-bye boss and business cards

6 weeks.

that’s all we have left with my boss. we were told today that she has resigned and is moving to another company in a higher position.

this came as a hell of a shock to us all – but i’m not entirely surprised by the move.

she was one of the initial 3 that started this office – so she’s been linked to this company very closely for 6 years now. some people say she IS the company. and the industry greatly respects her. i took my new job in part because of what i knew i could learn from her.

the department itself recently went through some changes – so that i am one of 4 new colleagues on one level, all reporting to her. my colleagues all come with lots of experience in the industry, and my boss was one of the drawcards for them too.

and now we are told that she is moving on. dwah!

but, i am very excited for her. she was very surprised when i walked into her office afterwards and congratulated her, and told her i was excited for her. i also told her i’ll miss her, and that i hope to still learn a lot from her. but mainly that she is doing the right thing by looking after Number One (herself) first. it’s never the right time to leave a job, and to get this type of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she would have been silly not to take it.

her departure is not going to be easy for anyone, and there have already been teary eyes.

but in a strange way it may actually be good for the 4 of us. we will have to learn quickly. we will have to start making our own decisions sooner. we will have to ask the right questions. we will have support from higher up – this department is too crucial to leave these 4 newbies in control. but the next few months are going to be interesting. very very interesting.

oh, and i finally got my new business cards – i was soooo excited!

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