better, much better (but not me)

i think we has us a show, ladies and gentlemen… the director and i are feeling a lot happier about things after tonights show… the prompt was taken away, and when the cast realised that their safety blanket had been taken away, they gave it so much more – and we sailed through the run-through! OK, there were a few waves here and there, but nothing they couldn’t sove by going around them or straight through them.

i was very proud of them ūüôā

i also had a small part – as ‘mother’ was ill tonight i read her lines from backstage – had a great time doing that!

still feeling sick today, actually¬†more than yesterday.¬†and noticed that stress definitely makes it worse. so, being given a mammoth task by my new-ms-impossible at work at the last minute didn’t help. neither did having to give her a written warning. the second one in the 5 weeks she’s been with us. i don’t understand people like that…

anyway, tomorrow i’s going to come home, dress warm and watch a dvd and drug myself again to get rid of the headaches and stuffy nose… and perhaps¬†poison that those¬†incessantly howl-barking dog dogs¬†in the neighbourhood – don’t want to get blood on my hands.

what bugged me today: the amount things i had to get through at work – and not being successful at some of them

what i learnt today: patience is often rewarded if it is practiced

what i am grateful for: that moment in the run up to opening night when things generally begin to fall into place… we may be at the start of that slope

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