is da weekend… monday will be interesting…

i had a very interesting conversation today. as some of you may know, i sold my tv in january, and haven’t actually had tv in a year. i don’t miss it at all.

admittedly, i will watch some when the chance arises at a friend’s place, but then mainly for the adverts. it still fascinates me what creative minds will come up with next. but to veg in front of the box for hours after work? no thanks!

but i had a discussion with a colleague who told me that she couldn’t imagine life without a tv.  she likes reading. her hubby doesn’t read (can you believe that? and he’s the 2nd person i know!) . i live alone and don’t need that static company. but she claims that the fighting over the channel gives them something to talk about.

i’m sure she as exaggerating for effect, but still, it is a sad indication of how many people will just vegetate in front of the box and have sounds & pictures blasted at them. and take in probably very little. i struggle to find the time to read all of my 700 books, and am actually reading 3 at the same time now! but it does seem such a waste of time, and energy to watch the box instead of reading, walking, practising the art of conversation, etc etc. there’s so much else to do. but it’s easy. and whiles the time. very sad.

i do have a very positive and interesting quest on monday though! a friend of a friend wants to give another friend a puppy. as a surprise. anonymously. and i have offered to deliver said puppy on monday morning. anonymously. exciting hey?

i can’t wait. and i’m doing it for a few reasons – because it’s the type of thing i like doing, it’s for a friend, i like reactions (ok, ok, i loove seeing & getting reactions) and i can give the giver feedback on the reaction. gonna be fun, i think!

i also had a good laugh on the way home. i called a friend in joburg while i was driving (yes, with a handsfree…) and we chatted about this and that. made many jokes, most at my expense (i can handle that better nowadays) and some at his. but i laughed so much – and i haven’t in a while. it was fabulous! (is that a very gay word? i’m using it a lot lately…)

it was so cool, i actually caught myself sending him an sms afterwards to thank him for the laughs.

viva laughing viva!

** happy weekend all **

what bugged me today:

what i learnt today:  not so much today as in-the-last-few-weeks: so much about directing a play and what needs to be done backstage. thanks all.

what i am grateful for: being able to write

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