on half-marathons

in about 60-odd days i am running the 2 oceans half marathon.

this will be my first half marathon in about 2-and-a-half years, so i am putting some training into it. but i need to take it slowly, so i don’t get sick. i know myself – if i over-do it, i get throat infections… and i’ve managed to avoid them through the massive temperatures changes of my canadian holiday…

yesterday i did my first hill training session in newlands forest with s & l – it was great fun, tough and i felt super afterwards. but jeez am i tired this morning. i haven’t been sleeping well again, combioned with my first stressful day at work yesterday this year, i was hesitant to leave the bed this morning.

but here i am. going to take it one step at a time, like the 21.1km distance on 11 April…

and i’m going to drink lots of tea to make sure that my throat scratches go away quickly!

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