i can actually say i’m happy right now

… and long may it last!

i’ve had a lekker weekend – despite trying to sleep late yesterday and today, but instead being woken by or about the same clients…

last night’s hitting the town was great. it was super spending time with some of rahima’s friends – she rallied some of her gay friends together to help show me a night on the town. after a super skyscraper burger at manhattan’s we hit the clubs. a cocktail at loft lounge (the barman must have been on something, it’s never taken that long to get a drink!) and then beulah bar for a while, before hitting the bronx – the oldest and still most popular gay club in town.

it was so good to be there with friends – with guys who i have something more in common with, and with whom i can perve other guys on the dance floor. it was quite an evening. it was really a ttal

especially the ending – trust a woman’s breast to be the end of the evening for me.

my first night on the town as a gay man, and a woman needing to go breast-feed is the reason i need to leave at 02h30… anyway, at least i didn’t have a hangover for the set building today. it took a long time, but we made a lot of progress. and now i am exhausted.


what bugged me today: realising again that i may have a mild persecution complex. need to look into that.

what i learnt today:  a lot about set-building!

what i am grateful for: that i have a roof over my head (which does leak from time to time) – and that i am not homeless

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