On Prejudices and Open Minds (and heavy music)

When many of us see groups of large men with bald heads, long beards and tattoos wearing black clothes going into dingy looking clubs with doof-doof music blaring out of it – it is pretty much the last place you want to go.

It can’t be safe – can it?


This evening, I was invited to join friends at a music concert of a favourite band of theirs. The music is decidedly unlike anything I would normally listen to – but in the spirit of trying new things (and spending time together) I said yes.

And so I found myself spending the afternoon listening to “New Model Army” on spotify to get a feel for the music. The first song started deceivingly gently, before transitioning into a lot heavier modus… I realised it would take some time before I buy an album …

While their Best Of album was playing, I checked out the band on Wikipedia, and gained new respect for them: a band that had been banned by the US government from touring the USA could only have done something interesting ☺

A few hours later it was, then, that we found ourselves in said dingy club surrounded by large… numbers of rather “ordinary” looking people. Some were large, some wore block, some had tattoos. Some were older, some wore nerdy t-shirts.

And all were nice. Very nice.

While the band was doing their thing on the stage, and while my head and hips were moving a lot more than I expected – I realised that this crowd was a lot more peaceful and fun loving than that of many other concerts I have been too. Everyone that pushed through the crowd did it gently and with care – almost “lovingly”. If I think of some crowds of fancy snobs enjoying their music while looking down on those around them – many of them are often a lot less nice than this crowd that would scare most Gucci-wearers…

It made me think of that saying:

“Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos & sometimes the most judgemental people you meet go to church on Sundays.”

And this crowd was certainly not judgemental – we were all enjoying the same music – and everyone could be themselves; no-one had to pretend to be anything other than a fan of these tunes..

This turned out to be one of my favourite concerts – it reminded me of how awesome it is to see a band live in a room full of their fans. Beats the CD hands down!

P.S. And how can you not absolutely love a venue that has lit-from-the-inside globes as the lights at the bar!

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