our vote has meaning again!

i’ve just read that parliament has finally scrapped the controversial floor-crossing legislation that allowed members of parliament to cross the floor to a different political party, without losing their seat. finally our vote has meaning again – so that the party we vote for is the one that has the seat. Viva democracy viva!

ya, ya, o-ba-ma!

well – history has been made with the first black president!                                       27 April 1994, South Africa   well – history has been made with the first black president!                                        04 November 2008, United States of America

politics & fish

another historic day, another lot of news.   the third president of our new democracy has been inaugurated – president kgalema motlanthe. he will be our main man till the next elections in about 6-8 months from now.   and you know what? i already like him!   why? he took our garlic breathed, lemon…

which hole is bigger?

two noteworthy things happened today that affect my life. one more directly than the other. both are big problems, but i can only do something about the one. so, which is now the bigger problem?   there is a hole in my roof. about this i can, at some point after the rain stops, do…

politics and marketing

a very interesting thing happened today, that you see in the movies sometimes, but has never happened to me.   i got a call, at work, from a political party, the da (democratic alliance). i wasn’t there, i tried to call back, and after too many engaged signals i left it.   and wraggies waar…