A bread roll by any other name …

In most of Germany bread rolls are called “Brötchen”.

In Bavaria, though, they are called “Semmel”.

And they don’t hold back in telling you.

I was at the bakery today and asked the young lady for 2 Brötchen. While she was getting them, her colleague piped up from the back that they are called Semmel! I teased that she had known what I want.

At this point she asked for clarity on the other item I had asked for – and I countered that I was afraid to say “the one with chocolate” in case that was the wrong word here (giggles from fellow customers) – to which he replied that this was ok to use!

But Semmel is the right word to use in Bavaria!

The light hearted disagreement had a peaceful end when I mentioned that in the spirit of the public holiday celebrating German Re-unification, that we could use our own words today, as he did understand me 🙂

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