Rhodes: Beaches and Lindos

One minute I’m enjoying a meal of vine-wrapped chicken stuffed with haloumi cheese and red peppers on a rooftop restaurant during sunset in the quaint Greek town of Lindos.

And 2 hours later I am night-swimming in the Aegean Sea under a big yellow moon while a plane comes in to land overhead.

2 of my highlights today 🙂

The early part of the day was spent on a beach near Faliraki – sand, water and some sun.

Then I drive about 40km south to Lindos – a typical little Greek town with white-washed houses and little alleys. And lots of tourist shops and restaurants.

One highlight is he Acropolis on the hill above the town. It is in the order of 3000 years old – with pillars and all! Interestingly, parts of the ruins have been replaced with new stones in the same shape and design as before, and only the bits of the ruins that were left anyway. I wasn’t sure at first if I liked that, but it does make the ruins last even longer into the future. And the idea is to get a sense of what was there before, not necessarily only old weathered stone. That said, they have incorporated some of the old ones in there as well.

Then I took a stroll down to St Paul’s Bay for a dip in the cute little enclave-cum-harbour. Really beautiful, especially with music from the traditional wedding in the little church across the bay.

After a banana and chocolate muffin at Melia bakery nearby (owned by a South African woman Jenny, and is recommended) I strolled further and found said rooftop restaurant – Alex’s.

Under threat of a thunderstorm I then drove back through the deserty landscape to my hotel.

Some interesting observations:

The landscape really is more like what I would have expected in Isreal – but then our location next to Turkey is almost Middle East.

The language and alphabet reminds me a lot of the Russian languages we heard in Ukraine a year ago.

The Greeks have been, without exception, wonderfully friendly. Warm, helpful and ever so happy to give you a smile in return for using a Greek word. (I even had the receptionist, after seeing my German passport, tell me that my Greek and my English accents were very good!)

Some pics (more to follow from the “real camera” when I have the cable at home:

– you see lots of unfinished buildings around, and olive trees

– views from and at the Acropolis

-St Paul’s Bay

– views of Lindos and the vine-wrapped chicken













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