about adt

i was a 35 year old living in cape town when i began this blog. it was started as a tool to help me overcome depression and to gather my thoughts during my coming out.

by 2012 i was a 39 year old living in Munich, Germany using my passion for Africa to promote travel to my home continent.

in 2014 i have been put in the sometimes-exciting, sometimes-damn-scary position of having to look for a new career challenge.

this is about some of the things in life that provoke an emotion or reaction in me. i’m finally coming to terms with the real me after 2 decades of denial, and it’s an interesting, very interesting, journey. i love growing and learning: about myself and the world around me.

come and join me from time to time, and please feel free to leave your own comments – i always enjoy hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “about adt

  1. Hi Andre,
    my friend Sabine pointed me to your blog. I just wanted to tell you that it was great fun meeting & chatting with you in the Readery last Saturday. I hope your start in Munich continues to be as great as it has been so far. Maybe you would like to go for a drink one of these nights?

    • Hi Anja,

      thanks for the message – and greetings from MOmbasa, where i am currently doing hotel inspections.

      I need to do more touristy things in Munich – so that I’m not just a “worker” in 3 months time…

      A drink would be great – I’ll give you a shout when i”m back.

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