is the cape times government run?

in late january i took out a subscription to the cape times. instead of reading the news online at the office, i thought it a good change to read the broadsheet while eating breakfast. this would force me to separate dressing and eating at the same time, as i have been doing.

i subscribed online, and shortly afterwards received an e-mail confirming my subscription, and giving me my subscriber number.

having been told too, that it would take 5 days to start receiving the morning news at home, i duly waited until the following tuesday before setting the alarm a little earlier, so that i could read and eat together. but, there was no newspaper in the garden or the letterbox. At this point i might mention that under the heading “delivery requests” on the subscription form, i had entered “please throw over the wall”. this would prevent me having to open the electric garage gate in order to retrieve the paper.

i called the paper when i arrived, and mentioned that i had not received my day’s copy. i verified my address with them, and discovered that i had been moved to a different suburb. as my road name exists in two different suburbs, they had decided to deliver to the other one despite my form being accurately completed.

wednesday came, and i was none the wiser as to the world’s events. again i called the newspaper and mentioned that i had not received the paper again – and could they check that the address had been corrected.

“yes” came the reply, that the suburb was correct – could she phone me back after investigating what happened?

“no problem” said i, not wanting to start the year off stressfully.

later afternoon, i was the one that called her back, and was casually informed that while my address had been corrected, my name had not been moved to the correct route.


so – they corrected my address, but left it on the delivery sheet for the guy in the wrong area. now that makes no sense at all…

i asked them to hold the paper delivery for 2 days as i would be away from home, and they duly confirmed that delivery would start on the monday. i also reconfirmed my “throw over the wall” instructions.

monday came, and the paper was there! in the letterbox… but it was there!

on monday night i stuck a note on the letterbox asking them to “please throw the cape times over the wall each day. thank you!”

on tuesday the paper awaited me in the garden – so i didn’t have to dress up to open the gate and fetch the paper from the road – yes!

on wednesday, note still on letterbox – and the paper was in the garden.

on wednesday evening i removed the note, assuming that the delivery-person would know the request by now.

on thursday, the paper was there – in the letterbox.

on friday the note was on the letterbox, and the paper in the garden.

on monday the note was inside the house, and the paper in the garden – progress!!

on tuesday there was nothing. at all.

i called the cape times again to advise that i had not received my paper, and asking what the problem might be.

her response was, “have you received a renewal notice from us?”

double – huh??

i casually and controlled mentioned that as i had only signed up in january, i would not be needing to renew already.

she promised to make sure i get a paper the next day (today, wednesday).

youll have guessed it already – yep, there was no sight of a newspaper this morning. the one day when i could have taken my over reading it casually.

i called in – again – was told that my subscription had expired – again -and was put through to accounts.

accounts then informed me – after much heat from my side (i was not being calm and understanding anymore) – that they had not been given my payment yet.


it seems that when i paid online on the 22nd, and the money was taken off my crdit card on the 31st, it was kept by the independent online or something like that, and the payment had not been passed on to the cape times.

hence they assumed i had not paid or that my subscription had expired, and my delivery was suspended.

the first they knew about this was when i called the day before!

oh, and suspended deliveries always take 2 days to resume.

it seems to me that someone with a masters degree in how to run a government department seems to have taken control of the subscriptions department at the cape times!

normally, i’d consider taking something like this to the papers…

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