war on democracy

we went to the tricontinental film festival tonight and saw john pilger’s movie “war on democracy”. it’s about the role of the “american empire” in latin america over the last few decades, and how they are basically manipulating the will of the people and introducing their own “democracy” so that the various nations to their south will provide the usa with cheap resource.

the part about venezuela showed so many parallels to south africa – what with the elite wanting to flee because the government of the people doesn’t have their (the elite) interests at heart.
chile as well, where good old pinochet was shown as being a puppet of the us government – and how proud the puppeteer is of the model system that has been created there – at the expense of some of the poorer citizens.
it also touched on the protests in bolivia in april of 2000 – against the sale of the country’s main water supplier to a us based company. that’s the week that i was there, so it was interesting to see that. all the roads in the country were blockaded, meaning that i had to buy a plane ticket i could ill afford, to continue on my journey. but i don’t mind – it seems to have been worth it, as the sale was called off.
it’s the type of movie that reminds me why i dislike the american government so much. i have found myself projecting this onto the american populace as a whole, which is not entirely fair. but at the moment, i will refuse to go to or through the usa. it may not make a difference, but it makes a difference to me. and so each person needs to try and make a difference, if they so wish. because america cannot play monopoly with the rest of the world – imposing their own set of values and own version of democracy on other countries. and then only the countries where there is a clear financial benefit. and ignoring the atrocities in other countries, where it’s just not worthwhile going to for them.
but i digress…
i did bump into a friend tonight that i haven’t seen in over 2 years – we both went to the same movie, and it was so so awesome to see her again!

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