reminiscing about the future

r.f and i spend a part of the morning reminiscing about how the future was predicted to be, when we were in our youth (i.e. in the 70s and 80s).


i really wish that they had developed the “meal-in-a-tablet” – so that i could pop a pill instead of having to think about and worry about deciding on, making and then eating a meal three times a day.


remember the other things they had in books and pictures about how we would live?


i have a clear recollection of holiday homes on the moon – and the idea of easily getting there, and spending ones holidays in the glass bubble houses.


i also clearly remember the pictures of very very tall skyscrapers in the cities – and cars having been replaced by (or joined by) small silver bubble cars that float about 10 metres above the ground – zooming through the air!


how the future has changed…

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