so, i had a largely good day today šŸ™‚

the walk on the promenade last night – in the amazing warm evening we had – and being able to bitch about life to r.h. was a great help. it’s wonderful how talking and letting off steam makes such a difference. of course having a quick ready meal at home, and relaxing with a dvd also helped!

it’s been very busy today, and i’ve been given a new deadline on a project i’m busy with. basically do what i have (had?) 6 weeks for, i now need to produce in a week. oh, and >>read between the lines – we can then make a decision on your non-promotion lateral move next week<<.

mmhh… still not 100% sure i want the job, but at the moment, if it means i don’t have a 24/7 cellphone anymore, i’ll take it!!!

and now? planning for tomorrow, and then home to ready made meal, dvd, book and a clean house, ‘cos princess was there šŸ™‚

what bugged me today: non-thinking staff – and what can i do about it?Ā 

what i learnt today: that traffic is so nad in nigeria, that they offer helicopter airport transfers as a relatively cheap alternative

what i am grateful for: not having to cook when i get home

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