a meaning of friendship

the thing about life is that you never quite know. there are so many variables out of your control, yet you can only make decisions on what you know (or suspect or guess) at any given time.


i spent a wonderful day with r.f. visiting her great aunt in somerset west to break the news of her dad to her. she’s 94, was basically his mother, and is obviously very sad. but she was quite stoical about it. i’m not sure it was because there was a new guest there (moi) but it was interesting.


it seems that he is not doing very well. the prognosis of a few months has dwindled to a potential few weeks instead. at the very least for his mental lucidity. he is already showing signs of disorientation. and while all his daughters are going to joburg to be with him, t.f. can only fly in from dubai in a week from now. so much uncertainty in the whole matter, because one just can’t predict the future. so all you can do is get there as soon as possible, so you can spend the maximum time with him.


makes one think. i only hope their friends learn from this experience. i know i am.


i know i am honoured to be there to help her through this.


i went to a colleagues’ wedding yesterday. the reception was in mitchell’s plain at 1pm. it’s a fair distance from my home, so i only go there at 10 to 1. and i was the first person there! the florist arrived a minute later, and the church was only opened 2 minutes after that. weird, i thought everything would be in full swing! the bride finally arrived an hour later at 2.


the reception was then set for 18h30 – at the goodwood prison sports hall. the bridal couple had gone for photos and tea. and finally arrived just as we were debating whether to call for pizzas from mr delivery…at 8pm!!


and by 22h30 we were gone. while the room was beautifully decorated, and the bride and groom seemed happy – it was very much a textboob, traditional wedding with almost no personalization at all. i find that sad.


a wedding is a declaration of love between 2 people in front of people that are important to them both. so if you use the script of someone that you don’t know, even if it has been used for aeons, what does it actually mean?


anyway, that’s just me…


i had a super evening at s & l’s new home. great supper, great conversation, great company. and they had everything unpacked 24 hours after moving in! right down to pictures on the wall and books on shelves!! i still have at least one unpacked box – more than a year after moving. i’m not sure whether to feel admiration for them, or to be afraid…. i suspect it is somewhere in between.



what bugged me today: lack of length of sleep last night


what i learnt today: that driving slowly-ish is fine. and it saves petrol J


what i am grateful for: my mom’s finger being ok(-ish) after she tried to flatten it with the boot of her car…


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