i am absolutely exhausted. when i’m don’t writing i’m gonna go sleep, and woe betide the person who phones me before 11… they’ll get an earful (of my voicemail).


i’m so proud of the barefoot cast tonight – we put on our best show yet this evening. the cast was more relaxed and were enjoying it more, and that’s when it starts improving.


it’s also so awesome when one’s friends and family come and support the show – my parents and some friends last night, a new colleague this afternoon, and my brother and a few good friends this evening  thanks guys.


what a good ending to a day that started with a motorbike ride to a rhodes memorial brunch with patrick.


a positive exhaustion.



what bugged me today: that the one cast member arrived late without letting me know. he wandered in just after i started learning his lines, just in case…


what i learnt today: what it feels like to almost run out of petrol on my bike!


what i am grateful for: the chance to have a walkie-talkie for a whole evening, several evenings in a row. it’s such a cool toy to use – for a proper reason!

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