go team!

last night was an interesting evening on the stage. or more precisely, behind the stage.

our lead actor somehow forgot / didn’t realise that we had a show last night. i might have called earlier, knowing his time-keeping skills, but when i did call him at 45 minutes to curtain-up, he was about to sit down to dinner. he still argued with me about whether there was a show when i asked him where he was…

anyway, we all pulled together beautiully – a true team effort. the school kids blocked a parking bay for him (after i moved my car out of it), we had someone looking for shirts for him in case he would forget his, i calmed the lead actress down and asked her to take him aside when he arrives and help him get in character.

oh, and in between all this, my dad was begged to bring their iron, as the backstage one was not getting mother’s dress pressed… he is a hero!

at 15 minutes to curtain up he arrives. with girlfriend – who is promptly encouraged to take a seat in teh auditorium (no further distractions needed…) and the show went on as planned.

it was quite remarkable actually. it struck me while i was sitting backstage in the dark waiting to press the doorbell for one of the actors’ entrances, that i was incredibly calm.

i had been so stressed at work over stuff, angry in fact. but here i had handled this situation without a scream, shout or even angry thought. ok, a mildly angry thought, followed by a quickly-retracted demand of cake by the late-comer the next day. i still don’t understand why this didn’t topple me when other stuff does.

maybe because i know the team is so good and pulls together when we need to.

gosh, this is fun 🙂


what bugged me today: leaving my clock-in card and desk key at home…

what i learnt today: that talking things through after a fight can make it better

what i am grateful for: going for a motorbike ride, to an overnight stay with a great friend. next friday. only 9 more sleeps…

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