Macbeth – almost there

Here we sit – 8 hours into our technical rehearsal. Finally we’re into Act V, and only about 3 scenes left.

The technical rehearsals are always the long and tedious, but very important ones.

On the one hand it is critical for the setting of all light and sound cues. Making sure everyone knows what happens when and how. Of course, we all need to relearn some of our entrances, exits and even re-work some of our on-stage movements (or freezes).

The secondary benefit is that the cast gets to bond a little. By now we’re 4 days away from opening night, so we all know our words and what to expect when – so we spend our ‘waiting time’ chatting and getting to know each other better. This is also a very important part of the show – how we all work together and get on. It is the transition to having fun – which is after all the main reason we all do this for free.

I’m beginnning to get excited and a little nervous now – not as much as I have been in the past, but I suspect that will come this week.

For me, it’s my first Shakespeare, and I’m chuffed that I’ve made it this far. There were moments I wanted to bail; moments where I didn’t think I could get it right. But I reminded myself that I would more regret not giving it a serious go, than by ditching it and going back into my comfort zone.

Once again, it’s shown me how much I learn from my experienced colleagues, and how excited our newer fellow thespians are.

Wish us luck – as Macbeth opens at the Masque theatre in Muizenberg on Friday 01 July 2011.

Bookings during office hours on 021 788 1898

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