Sunday Sightseeing and other activities

I had a great weekend!

On Saturday Andrea and I went for a walk on the Wendelstein (starting the walk from the town of Bayerischzell). It is easily reached with the BOB train from Hauptbahnhof.

It was so very good to be out in the fresh air and snow again. We ended up having a spontaneous picnic on the snowy slope – because we couldn’t find the way to the “Alm” – or mountain hut. We could see it through the trees, and even hear the people there, but there was no path in sight.

Anyway, it was more fun that way in any case – a picnic of chocolate croissant, bretzel, naartjie, banana and water.

On Sunday we had our first “Sunday Sightseeing” event. This is my new venture in Munich to get people that want to explore the town together, and see the multitude of museums and galleries that we have. I create an even on facebook for each Sunday of a place i wanna visit – and those that want to join, do. We could be 2 or 12 people.

On Sunday we were 5, and went to the Haus der Kunst (one of the first Nazi buildings in Munich). There was an exhibition on “The Rise and Fall of Apartheid” – very interesting. it is amazing what one remembers and forgets over a period of 20 years. As Mandela said: We should forgive, but we must never forget.

One of the other things that I am doing is taking note of the various new eateries that I discover in Munich – and there are some wonderful ones.

Here are a few of my new favourites:

CA-BA-LU is near the Lehel U-Bahn station. It only has 5 tables, and a very friendly owner. They only have burgers on the menu (and they’re good!), as well as a large cocktail list. It is a small establishment, with many regulars, and a great atmosphere. They do take reservations. I will be back!

Cafe an der Uni is a happening spot near the Universitaet U-Bahn station in Leopoldstrasse. It has indoor and outdoor seating, a bar, tv with soccer games and serve breakfast all day! They also take reservations (and the clientele is hot!)

Cotidiano is a very hip bakery restaurant on Gaertnerplatz. It is usually busy – thanks to their good food, cakes and coffee. Well worth a stop when exploring town.

It has been said this last week, that this has been the dreariest & cloudiest winter in 34 years… haven’t had this few sunshiny days in that long!

What have i learned the last 3 days: Make your own opinion about people – don’t base it on that of others. You might miss out on some super interactions

What i am grateful for: The internet and being able to book flights 🙂

What pissed me off: Not getting enough sleep…

p.s. i am so excited to be going to London for the Easter weekend!!

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