Sunday sightseeing

I’m happy to say that my positive mindset from yesterday has continued today 🙂

It’s funny – i now even have the sensation that I “only” have 2 years and 10 months left – aaaah! that’s too short!!


So, one of the things i’ve decided to do, to make sure I don’t end up leaving here with regrets, is to start a Sunday Sightseeing group. Museums are generally free or very cheap on Sundays, and we should use this to our advantage while the weather is still cooler, and we’d rather be indoors.


So i’m gonna plan a visit to some or other museum or gallery for each Sunday (and occasionally other days too) – and whoever wants to come along, can. so we could be 2 people one week and 17 the next.


I’m excited to be making plans 🙂


What did I learn today: That a lot of personnel management stuff can be learnt, but a lot also comes instinctively. And that if i feel i am doing a bad job, it might actually lie with the employee too…

What am i grateful for: The time i DID have with my friends Colleen and Sven, who have moved back to SA.

What pissed me off today: The selfish / thoughtless Swiss driver of a big black SUV who parked his cars in a way to block the tram we were in – causing 250 people a 25 minute delay on their way home this evening. Twit.

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