On things i love

Once i put my mind to it, there’s really no way around it. I must make it happen.

Luckily, this is one of the things i love doing – and is actually one of the reasons I am in the job i have today.

Making a travel dream come true – and affordable – come what may!

i love booking flights. really, really love it.

And today i got to book 2 of them! And with some clever wangling i managed to get them both for EUR375 cheaper than was initial expected.

In May i am off to Durban and Namibia – for work – and i get to fly SAA, which I always enjoy travelling. The Namibia portion will be super fast and short (4 days) – but i will get to see some hotels and lodges, and i’m very excited.

And then i needed to plan something for the Easter weekend. Initially i wanted to go visit my brother and family in Geneva – but they’re buggering off to SA at that time. So recently i set my heart on London – but being Easter, the flights are around EUR300 return… which is way, way (way) out of my budget.

but with a bit of searching here and there on 6 different websites, i managed to make it happen for under EUR200. I love jiggling dates, airlines, flight times, etc until i find a solution that suits me and favours my pocket.

In this case i booked a BA ticket one way to London just before easter, using my frequent flyer miles, and paying EUR17,50 in taxes. And then i bought an easyjet ticket one way back to Munich for around EUR170. And baddaboom, I have a ticket to London.

i was so excited, i was shaking 🙂

my biggest problem now is how to see everyone that I want to see – and there are at least 6 families that will want to see me, and that I will want to see… completely aside from the sightseeing and partying i wanna do… so i will need to see how i juggle that 🙂

What i learnt today: if you want it badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen

What i am grateful for: the internet

What pissed me off today: the opodo and edreams websites

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