memories – past & present

i’m back in toronto tonight, and we’ve just been for supper at swiss chalet – a ribs & chicken kinda joint that is a chain here in canada. i remember going there for ribs 17 years ago on my first visit to this land, and i really really enjoyed the ribs that time. it was the first time i’d had them, and i have been fantasising about them ever since. no ribs at home actually came close – in my opinion of course.

so i had to have the ribs tonight – and i was wondering if they would live up to my expectations. it’s quite often that such long-standing expectations actually live up to themselves.

but they did. the swiss chalet ribs were as juicy and tender, fall-off-the-bone delicious as i had hoped for. the flavour was the same, it was an expectation well fulfilled. 🙂

my cousin, her boyfriend and i left the cottage 3 hours north of toronto, early this afternoon. that was the place i had been looking forward to spending some time at, what with the snow and skiing and trails through the woods i was looking forward to.

but i left early today, heading south for a new york new year’s with my cousin and her friends. i was very sad to leave the cottage. not only because my folks were there, and i know my aunt was happy to have some “youngsters” there. and the power outage of close on 3 days wasn’t really bugging me either – it’s the kind of adventure i enjoy. being in sub-zero temperatures with no electricity. there is a wood-burning stove, so freezing is not an issue.

but the lack of power has prevented my other cousin from coming up with his wife & kid, leaving no young people to do fun outdoor activities with. the neighbour-friend is also not on her way up anymore.

the weather was also not playing along – what with the temperature fluctuating between -5 and +8 all the time – not conducive to snow. and the snow that is there already is so thick (above my knees-deep in places!) prevents you from taking walks through the forest. we need to stay on the roads to prevent falling into the deep-white-freeze. the quality of this snow also doesn’t allow one to ski on it.

so all-in-all, there was very little to do there for several days. so i decided to head south with my cousin, and visit bush-ville.

i know i had said i would boycott that land-to-the-south until his bushness is gone, but the idea of spending new year’s in the big apple with my cous’ is very tempting. so i managed to get a ticket there and back, allowing me 48 hours in the glitz and glamour of queens and manhattan, before my onward travels across the atlantic.

and this is what i love about travelling. living the moment. taking spontaneous detours. making it happen.

don’t get me wrong. it broke my heart when my aunt burst into tears when we left today, and i was wracked with guilt on the drive to the city. but this is also gonna be fun. my cous’ and i bonding over some travels – 17 years after the first time. 2 persons much changed since then, yet with so many similarities.


new york, new york!

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