make it snow, make it snow, make it snow…

today was the day that i have been waiting for, for several months.

i just can’t get enough of the snow here in toronto. i spent the day with my cousin and her boyfriend, driving to toronto, having sushi lunch with her friends, and then walking the streets of toronto.

we see each other so seldom, but it is so wonderful to catch up and get an understanding of each other’s lives again.

after lunch we walked around the streets of toronto, and while it got darker, the christmas lights in the shop windows came on. and the decorations on the street poles. the decorations in the trees.

and then it started snowing gently as well.

so here we were, walking through streets covered in brown slush, with new snow falling, and being completely relaxed while the harried shoppers around us were moving in and out of stores, and standing in queues the length of the chinese wall.

i am so happy – so much white stuff all around, darkness and beautiful lights.

this is christmas. just wish my whole family was together for it.

merry merry all 🙂

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