Project 365 – the head of a lion

I re-started an old tradition today.

until a few months ago myself and a few friends used to walk up lion’s head every monday, regular as clockwork. if the weather was bad, it defulted to tuesday, or we “moved” it to the sea point promenade.

it is such a wonderful way to transition from work to home-time, especially on a monday when you need a little bit of a weekend feeling again, even if only for 2 hours.

And the walk is only around 30-40 minutes each way if you’re fit, or longer if you’re taking it easy, and enjoying the view.

so when i went for my first walk again today, after far too long a break, i so so enjoyed it. i’d forgotten how wonderful and peaceful it was, how inspiring, and how familiar. stones on the path looked the same, i fell right back into the routine of using the same footholds along the way. familiar yet new all over again. there was no wind, and the air was clear clear clear. just the right thing to keep me going each week again now.

and i’d forgotten too, how friendly walkers are – most everyone greets you on the way, which really is great 🙂

so here’s today’s pic of a mountain in a city.

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