it’s really so sad to see what’s happening in Haiti.

I don’t have TV at home, so i find myself glued to news websites while at the office, getting updates on the situation, and i find it so sad – and we can probably not even imagine what it is really like.

walking around the streets with so many buildings cracked or collapsed. Multi storeyd buildings sandwiched into a single one.

and no heavy machinery to lift the concrete out of the way to reach the survivors or bodies.

walking around the streets passing body after body lying in the sun waiting for someone. someone to claim them, bury them, take them away. some bodies bloated, others exploding. imagine the smell? Haiti is a warm place.

walking around the streets trying to find and help those stuck under the rubble.

the country is so poor, that even basic government services are not functioning, leaving the population to fend for themselves, often not very succesfully.

some people waiting around, waiting for something to happen. others using the time and energy to find supplies or help fellow humans.

i can’t even imagine it. so very sad.

my thoughts are with them.

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