What now? The Challenges of Change…

It’s funny how an impending change makes you look at your current situation very differently. Makes you realise how good it is in so many ways. And makes you realise how much is still on your bucket or to-do list…

A month ago our company informed us that certain departments would be relocated from Germany to Zurich.

A lot of colleagues have been feeling very insecure, and uncertain. I decided to keep my options open and see what is offered – Zurich could be an interesting Next Stop – even if I would not have chosen it myself.

Today we had a meeting with more “information” about the impending relocation… and suddenly the picture does not look as exciting as before.

The costs are high (will salaries be raised enough??), there are fewer leave days a year, and the health care works very differently. It makes me realise just how easy and comfortable we have it in Germany.

I left South Africa 2 and a half years ago, ostensibly to “promote Africa from outside of Africa”. I set myself a time-line of 4 years in Munich. I wasn’t sure about where I would go next (somewhere “exotic” perhaps, a land where I cannot speak the language yet is gay friendly, appeals to me)…

And now I am sitting in front of a decision:

1 week in which to register my interest of moving to Switzerland

2 Weeks till I get made an offer of a salary package

and a further 2 weeks to decide whether I will accept it or not.

That’s about a month in which to ‘decide’ what I want to do.

What then are my options?

1. Move to Zurich and continue to work with Africa
2. Stay in Munich and see what other positions the company has on offer
3. Resign, and find something else:
a. Another Africa job in Munich
b. Another Africa job in Germany
c. Another Africa job in Europe
d. A different Africa job elsewhere in the world
e. Go back to SA and find an interesting position in Gauteng or Cape Town
f. Do something completely and totally different

Maybe there are even other options that I haven’t considered, but that is what my future looks like at this moment…

Lots of thinking and lots of considering and lots of talking in the next few weeks.

Wish me luck!

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