Why I am boycotting the 2014 Winter olympics in Russia

This is why I am boycotting the Olympic Games in Russia in 2014.

We have all heard about the “propaganda” laws, and know that homosexuals (humans) are bring discriminated against.

But this Channel 4 Dispatches documentary – “Hunted” shows just how bad it is.

How there are vigilante groups that systematically hunt gays and lesbians (“Huntung season is open”) and beat them,

How the words “paedophilia” and “gay” are used interchangeably – and therefore ‘successfully’ create fear in parents,

How they ruin lives by posting these assaults as trophy videos online, and

How the police and authorities turn a blind eye to this (even encourage it on some levels??).

If you have 45 minutes, watch it here, while it is still there:

Not for sensitive viewers!

If you only have 2 minutes, this video from The Russia Freedom Fund gives you a ‘summary’ of the situation:

It goes without saying that not all Russians support these laws and this behaviour. Or that Russia is the only country guilty of such atrocities (hell, even my beloved South Africa has some awful experiences in this regard!).

But we cannot turn a blind eye, and keep supporting a country in a world event like the Olympics without saying something.

I know the Athletes have worked damn hard on this, and I wish them luck, but I cannot bring myself to watch this or support the sponsors.

(With apologies to http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/international-olympic-committee-ioc-strip-sochi-of-the-2014-winter-games for the picture)

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