The day has come

The day has come.

5 December 2013.

The day we knew was very close, but were somehow hoping would not ever happen.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela has died.


As i sit here on the couch, watching the news channels, i am shell-shocked. I am numb. I feel alone, and so very very far away from home. I would give almost anything to be in South Africa in the next week, rather than here in Germany (and why are no German channels running with this news!?).


I am connecting with my fellow South Africans on facebook – thank heavens for that. so we can share our experiences, and feel a kind-of togetherness in our distant corners of the globe, far from the soil where our soul sings.


This man was an inspiration and role model to so very many people. A teacher. A gentle soul. A leader.


I will never forget that Sunday, 02 february 1990 when he was released. The day my parents fetched us from a school camp, and took us to the grand parade to welcome this man in that large and jubilant crowd. I am forever grateful to them for that.


let us promise ourselves one thing:


Let us never, never ever forget what Madiba has taught us. Let us honour him by living our lives as he taught us, by treating others the way he taught us.


Viva, Mandela, Viva!



One thought on “The day has come

  1. EuroNews (and practically all international channels I could “enter” have Breaking News (even business channels) and don’t report on anything else. And here we were working at home, one going to bed the other playing games on the computer … without knowing/guessing anything.Thanks for calling, ADT … I told the old man, waking him up. Don’t be depressed, he was a great person and nobody can take that away from South Africa!

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