On Expectations

It was one of those days where you receive news you were expecting at some point in the future – but not today. News you were not unhappy about, but still came as a shock.

One of my team members resigned today.

And no, i’m not disappointed – sure, it will be tough to have a new person join the team during the busiest period of the year. And yes, change isn’t always easy.

It is good that she is finding somewhere else to work: she’s been unhappy for a while, very negative and not a pleasure to have around. It will be better for all of us.

One of our other colleagues (where i cannot figure out how close they are…) was obviously quite conflicted today. On the one hand she wanted us to find someone to start in 1 month, so that there is still some overlap; on the other hand she was “not able to look at new CVs yet… i mean aren’t you sad she’s leaving!? You haven’t even said how sad you are!?”

I try, I really do, to understand them and make them happy. but they get so bitchy when i don’t respond in the way they expect me to…

What i learnt today: That having lunch with an old colleague from Zurich can make the day sooo much better 🙂

What I am grateful for: chocolate and red wine

What pissed me off: Receiving a resignation e-mail from my colleague which has been sent to the whole team, and not just her boss.

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