The Day the Mindset Changed

Christmas 2015.

That is the deadline I have set myself.

December 2015 is the month I want to move back to my home, my friends, my family. South Africa.

I’ve never been a big one for “setting goals” – but I have always needed something to look forward to.

And it is amazing to see again how setting myself a goal like this one has completely changed my mindset.

I have depressed lately – so depressed in fact that I’ve been worried about myself. All about missing friends, not having a lover and “what am I doing here?” – combined with a good dose of strange-people-at-work.

But since I posted “Christmas 2015” on facebook this morning, and made that my conscience timeline for Life-in-Munich, I have had a much more positive frame of mind. I have actually started thinking completely differently.

I am well aware that circumstances beyond my control might take me home earlier – or take me elsewhere in this world. And I know that this deadline might well be extended due to an exciting project, opportunity or man – but it has already honed my mind:

I now have 2 years and 10 months ahead of me that I have to make count:

Spend time with my brother, sister in law and nieces;

See new countries near and far: Yemen, Oman, Japan, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, USA, and friends in Europe;

Make a more concerted effort to make friends here, and really understand the German culture and mindset. Yes, through limited time, even this has become easier and more acute;

Where before I had a kind of “I’ll see how it goes, and how long I want to stay” attitude, I now have a time frame – and that allows me to “settle” for that period. Take out a cellphone contract. Spend time visiting other countries instead of hankering to visit home, because I might not get back there for 15 years. It has already made me feel more focused and even excited about the time ahead.

It gives me a deadline to make sure I get to museums, the theatre and many experiences. To nurture friendships I have, and make new ones. To tolerate the departure of people I love, and to make the most of work, even when it sucks. At least I have a job!

And if I find I really like it, I can stay another year. But I miss the earth in Africa, the open space, the rugged mountains, the rough seas and the smiling faces.

But I’m not ready to go home just yet – there’s still too much to see here.

I’m so glad to be feeling better : )


And now for my daily task:

What I learned today:  That the setting of a goal, and making a decision for yourself, can have a positive effect on your frame of mind

What I am grateful for:  That I can speak more than 1 language

What pissed me off today: How bosses sometimes treat their staff  

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