Reverse progress (at my local post office)

So, I needed to post 2 letters today.

Dead ordinary, 2 pages folded in thirds, stuffed into a long B5 envelope and adorned with a stamp. Then inserted into the long lips of a red post box.

You know, what we used to do a lot before e-mail?

But only, I couldn’t do that today, because the post office was unable to sell me a stamp.

No, in a day age where we have moved so far electronically, that most people send e-mails, and the post office is run on a computerised system, they couldn’t sell me a stamp.

“The system is down”, is all they could say.

The stamps are in the drawer to his left. (I know, I’ve seen them).

The money is in my pocket (yes, there is still).

Yet, because he can’t enter the sale of the stamp into the now-dead machine in front of him, I can’t mail my letters.

I asked why they don’t have a manual system in place at times like this – “there isn’t a manual system”.

It’s at that point that I really understood why the Post Off-ice needs to be privatised. And staffed with proactive people.

Am I the only one amused by this regressive progress? We’ve come so far with technology, that we can’t even go back to the old manual system when the technical one fails.

I’m still flabbergasted.

One thought on “Reverse progress (at my local post office)

  1. Why didn’t you go to the (next-door? in most places) Pick ‘n Pay? They sell the stamp booklets at a slight discount [minimal discount at the post office only starts at quite high numbers!].

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