planning for the change

So, now that i’ve decided what i’m going to do – there’s a loooot of work to be done. Lots of planning (inside and outside my head) – and for this i’m leaning on my friends and family 🙂

I had lunch with a friend today who’s in website and logo design. Runs her own company – perfect person to pick the brain of – for info on how to start designing my web presence, and just general stuff.

Imagine my surprise when she announced how much she was looking forward to “going corporate” on Monday…!

I guess it’s a change thing – she was using similar words to mine, but for an opposite move. Fascinating, eh?

Maybe you can help too: I’m looking for as many facts about Africa, and interesting titbits, interesting bits of info on anything to do with the continent – and southern Africa in particular.

health, geography, economy, money, art, culture, sports, health, medicine, stars, Firsts, population, politics, transport – you name it. If it’s interesting, i want to know about it 🙂

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2 thoughts on “planning for the change

  1. how do we know what YOU find interesting?
    that the sahara desert is larger than the mass of continentual usa.
    what else?

    • things like that – perfect! And it’s not only what i would find interesting, but also what you and others would. like where the longest runway in the world is; or how many world heritage sites there are in South Africa or who our top-selling musician is.

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