The right & responsibility of voting and public holidays

The day after a public holiday is always such a mess at the office, especially when you’re clients in non-holiday countries are hard at work pumping e-mails to you, expecting quick answers.

I still get a kick out of casting my vote – the whole process of waiting to get into the venue, scanning of my ID, crossing off my name and then reading through every name on the ballot before making my mark. Even if I’ve decided before hand who to vote for, I always read every name.

But I’ve been disappointed in the last day or so – by at least 3 people who have thought it not worth their while to vote. What makes it worse for me somehow is that they are black and indian – part of the previously not-allowed-to-vote group.

Their reasoning includes the thinking that it won’t make a difference, that they work in government already, so they know first hand that policies are constantly in conflict if she believes in one party, but works under a different one in her post.

We had some discussions about this – including the choice of spoiling your vote – at least you acknowledge the system, even if you don’t like any of the candidates.

I realise that South Africa will reach a level of voter apathy at some point, I suppose I didn’t expect to get faced with it so soon. But let’s what this week’s results show.

I’m still chuffed that we can all vote now – even if not everyone makes use of it.

One thought on “The right & responsibility of voting and public holidays

  1. Agreed. And as someone who cannot vote because I am not a citizen (but am a tax payer) it makes me cross when people who can vote decide not to. If you pay tax, it is your duty to help decide who spends it.

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