Get home safe after a party!

Hi all,

With all the talk about not driving drunk, and focus on getting home safely after a night of partying, I wanted to give you feedback on one of the services I tried.

I called One Way at 22h05 last night, and asked them how the system of getting me and my car home works.

The friendly chap on the phone explained that I need to tell them when I want them to arrive, and that for R11 per km they will drive me home in my car. They charge a minimum of 6km – and they can give you an accurate quote on the phone right away.

I gave him my starting address and ending address – and he told me it would be R66. I asked that they get there at 22h30 please.

At 22h25 I got an SMS and a call to say that the 2 guys were outside – and that I could come out at my leisure (which means I had about 10 minutes).

I met Carl and Gary outside – they gave me my free Gold membership card – and 15 minutes later myself and my car were safe at home.

I chatted to Carl on the way a little – they are not so busy during the week, but on weekends get quite busy, so it’s good to call ahead. The driver’s earn a commission on each drive, so are very appreciative of a tip.

The price is very competitive – about the same as a taxi would cost – with the massive benefit that your car gets home with you though.

I urge you to consider a service like this so for yours and other’s piece of mind.

Telephone: 021 300 3030

I’ll let you know about the others as and when I try them too.

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