What the Butler Saw – theatre in Cape Town this weekend

Only 1 more sleep till we have our official opening night!

And only no-more sleeps till we have our first “audience” (a small group of people supporting our final dress rehearsal) – something I always look forward to, as you finally get an idea of when the audiences will laugh – or not laugh. Not that this select group of critiquers is always a 100% indicator.

I find that every audience is slightly different –

• Some take a little while to warm up and get into the action and humour
• Some start laughing from the get-go
• Some laugh loudly at the lines that even only hint at humour
• Others let whole passages of what we thought are hilariously funny pass without even a giggle

I suspect we’ll have to try our very best at times not to join the audience in a laugh or smile – some of the lines are so funny – and some of our beloved patrons have very infectious laughter 

I’m glad that most of our loyal audiences do seem to enjoy these productions, and I get a kick out of them loving it. It makes it all worthwhile!

“What the Butler Saw” is a slightly naughty farce by the English playwright Joe Orton. The fact that it is set entirely in a private medical clinic should give you an idea of the antics we have to get up (or down) to…

Farces are funny creatures – they’re not everyone’s cup of tea (I’m happy to admit it’s not my first love), they are often over-the-top and sometimes even cross the line of ludicrosity (is that a word??) – but if it’s done fast and the audience can suspend reality for a moment or 3, then it is a good night’s entertainment.

We’ve had the honour of working with visiting Director Ralph Yarrow – out from the UK. He has a very different way of working (right from audition stage) which has been wonderful to experience. We haven’t had a long rehearsal run, on top of some cast changes in that period – but I think we’re ready now.

Only time will tell when the handful of seat-warming critiquers hopefully laugh a lot tonight at our final dress rehearsal 🙂

“What the Butler Saw” is on at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg Main Road
from 01 to 09 October 2010.

It consists of two acts, and revolves around a Dr. Prentice, a psychiatrist attempting to seduce his attractive prospective secretary, Geraldine Barclay. The play opens with the doctor examining Geraldine Barclay in a job interview. As part of the interview, he convinces her to undress. The situation becomes more intense during Dr. Prentice’s supposed “interview” with Geraldine Barclay when Mrs Prentice enters. When his wife enters, he attempts to cover up his activity by hiding the girl behind a curtain. His wife, however, is also being seduced and blackmailed by a Nicholas Beckett. She therefore promises Nicholas the post as secretary, which adds further confusion. Dr. Prentice’s clinic is then faced by a government inspection. The inspection, led by Dr. Rance, reveals the chaos in the clinic.

It’s a risqué fast moving farce, not suitable for children 🙂

Shows are from Friday 01 to Saturday 09 October 2010 (excluding Sun-Wed). Weeknights are at 8pm and Saturdays at 2:30pm and 6:30pm.

Tickets are R50 for Saturday matinees and Thursday evenings and R60 for Friday and Saturday evenings. Masque Theatre members enjoy a R10 discount.
To book phone 021 788 1898 (9:00am to 4:00pm during the week and 8:30am to 11:30am on Saturdays)

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