Kuzina – the end (for me)

Hello everyone,

Further to my last update on our experiences at Kuzina – and the owner’s (Deon) response – I did go to the restaurant last week to get my R36 refund that I requested in order to close this matter.

It turns out that Deon had not read my response on the blog, and therefore the staff had no idea I would come in.

And I would of course be faced with the same manager who took great joy in telling me that “the owner is very keen to speak to you” but not making any attempt to refund the R36.

I left thinking that if he was so very keen to chat, why had he not called in over a week?

He did eventually call the following day. He apologised for the manager’s behaviour, mentioned that he doesn’t have time to go back to blogs and that I should come in for a drink sometime.

He did not respond at all to my suggestion of refunding me R36 to close the matter (of which he was now aware from his manager).

Unfortunately I won’t have the time to go for that drink. Nor the inclination.

It always amazes me how easy it is to resolve a customer complaint, and how seldom it is done. And how many people think that free booze will make the customer happy.

There are other more deserving restaurants for me to spend my money and time at.

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