Florence, The Big Issue and CA568413 – update

It seems that the owner of CA568413 has until today to “encourage” his passengers to come forward to apologise to Florence for drenching her in water about 10 days ago.

Florence decided not to press charges as long as the youngsters come forward to apologise and spend a day selling the Big Issue. She felt that criminal charges would not be fair on these kids or their future.

She sets an admirable example with such a point of view.

The driver has apologised and has admitted that he does know the passengers (after first claiming not to know them).

It just seems a pity that these passengers have not taken her up on this offer. A quick response from them would have had a positive effect – now each passing day makes their (potential) apology more reluctant.

Florence does still have the option of laying criminal charges, but I agree with her that they have a wonderful opportunity to avoid this!

Thanks to The Big Issue – hope you’re all buying it too!


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