How do we fill our time?

I’ve often been called an “energizer bunny” and been told that I can’t sit still. And that was definitely the case when I was younger.

So, while I have slowed down a little in my 30s, I still can’t bear the thought of leading a mundane “work-eat-sleep-repeat” life.

One of my colleagues says that I always have a “project” on the go – and I suppose I do. And sometimes I actually have more than one.

Take this week for example – which is admittedly a little manic:

Monday night a walk up lion’s head after work, followed by dinner with the brother – and I was in bed by 9 (bliss!)

Tuesday – swim before work (Project 1: I’m training for my first mini-triathlon in December) and then off to Fish Hoek for supper in the evening.

Wednesday – probably morning gym session (to beat the traffic before 7) and then modeling for an art class at 6 in Claremont, and in rehearsals in Muizenberg after 8.

Thursday – an easy day – only down to rehearsals in Muizenberg after work (can I fit something else in?? no…)

Friday off to a bosberaad in Stellenbosch straight from the office, including an overnight with colleagues.

Saturday: breakfast, an open day at the office for newlings and then rehearsals in the afternoon. Oh, and I need to think of something easy and yummy to cook for my friends coming over for dinner.

Sunday? Eish – I can’t wait for a “nothing day”!

But you know, despite this running around (or because of it?) I’m happy. I get to fill my time, and with things I love. When the play is over in a month’s time I get to go travelling for 2 weeks – and I can’t wait that. And the chance to delve back into some of my books.

And that’s the other thing: anticipation. I love having something to look forward to.

I’d rather die from trying to do too much than die of boredom.

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