thoughts on a final curtain call

I can’t believe it’s a week since I wrote about my opening night jitters, and now it’s down to the last 3 shows… it’s all over tomorrow night.

Opening night jitters were truly there last week – but we had a fantastic audience.

Not only were they responsive (oh what a difference that makes to us – we give so much more!) – they laughed in the right places, they laughed in the wrong places, they gasped, they clapped. And they stood. It took me a good 24 hours to get over the thrill of standing at the front of the stage taking a curtain call when the audience stands up and cheers and claps. I’m getting goose bumps again thinking about it…

When an audience enjoys the show, it makes it all worthwhile for me. If they have been enthralled, entertained, wowed, and come out smiling, I am happier than you can imagine.

Yes, I love being told if I was good (we’re all in it for that if we’re honest) but if they have had a good time, then I’m chuffed.

And when I heard on Wednesday that the rest of our performances are all sold out, my heart swelled with pride that our friends, family and audience members had spread the word. I was humbled, excited and nervous all over again.

I had someone at the show last night that “doesn’t really like theatre” but he loved this – and that’s what I like about amateur theatre – going to watch friends and getting hooked. Obviously Oscar Wilde’s wit and words help tremendously – and several of our housemates and friend repeat the lines over and over 

Thank you to each of you that support theatre – without you we would not enjoy it as much, and with your being there we give more, and grow more.

I’m very sad that it’s coming to an end… just as we’re settling into the roles, we need to dismantle the set and move on to other projects. I’ll need to find one quick quick!

But as a good friend of mine put it:

Even our offspring- i.e. dreams, creations, ideas (and children) leave the nest of our careful nurturing, only to reflect the beautiful place of their conception – Us.
It doesn’t end just here 🙂 take heart 🙂

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