Project 365 – World cup continues: 14 to 20 June 2010

2010-06-14 - pic 1: thanks to the One&Only we had seats for the Italy Paraguay game, right on the tunnel in row 7...

2010-06-14 - pic 2: the pouring rain! Which was not really an issue even thought we got soaked 🙂

2010-06-15: Vuvu having a rest

2010-06-16 - pic 1: with only 3 minutes of extra time left we were sad that Bafana had lost against Uruguay...

2010-06-16 - pic 2: ... and then they scored a third goal in the last second 😦

2010-06-17: work, work, work... the weeks that never ended...

2010-06-18: this is how much i got caught up in the game - each day Ryan and i gave our predictions for how the next day's games would end. i was up 10-6 in my predictions at last count!

2010-06-19: and this was an unusual evening at Goudini Spa - Saturday night Karaoke in the hot pools... until 11pm... o k ...

2010-06-20: supper at mine with Leo, Mel and Ryan; can't belive Ryan's holiday is already practically over!

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