Falling in love…


It’s a funny thing. It kind of creeps up on you when you least expect it; it’s almost like a realization that suddenly pops into your head.

“I love you,” you think to yourself, or say aloud. “I’ve just realized how much I’m falling in love with you.”


And it’s even more beautiful when you’re falling in love with someone you’ve been with a long time.

When you notice their amazing qualities as if it was the first time.

When thinking of spending time with them makes you smile.

When you find yourself wanting to spend more time with them.

And so it is that just this evening I noticed that I’m falling in love. Again.

With Cape Town.

I was driving from Claremont to the Waterfront this evening, and as I passed over the end of hospital bend, I realized just how amazing this city is:

The accessibility of the mountains – one day a week, every week, I walk up lion’s head after work. While walking once around it, you see the city, still busy with clogged roads and people finishing off in offices; round over Camps Bay where you can see the wind, the beaches, the ocean. On over Sea Point, the straight roads, the line of trees separating houses from Signal Hill. Back over the city, and on to the top. By this time the sun is low in the sky, and you see that pointy shadow over the city bowl, peaking near the station. Then heading back down, seeing the lights of the streets and homes coming on, while the daylight diminishes – that is my very favourite time of day.

The activities on the promenade – like the 10km race we did this, together with about 2’000 other Capetonians – all along the coast in Sea Point. I wasn’t sure I’d make it at first, but the runners, the marshalls, the cool sea breeze cutting into the heat of the day made it all possible. Starting and finishing on the lawns near the lighthouse.

Exploring the structures and streets of the city – from walking up into the lighthouse in Green Point, to walking home from town to Rondebosch along main road, and seeing all the wonderful old buildings along the way that you don’t notice when you drive or sit in a taxi.

The fact that you can get from one side of the mountain in Claremont to the other side at the Waterfront in 20 minutes – and this while major roadworks are taking place.

That you can ride from Century City to Claremont in 20 minutes – if you’re on your motorbike, and this at half past five in the afternoon.

That you can have a conversation and joke with the guy putting petrol in your bike – asking each other how your days are going.

Planning to watch the sunset from the beach with a good friend and a pizza; or having a cocktail on a terrace before an evening movie.

Starting the day on the mountain, and finishing it off with a massage on the beach, and then continuing to a show at one of our many theatres.

Being able to take part in a Gay Pride march on the weekend – in the full realization that not all our brothers and sisters in Africa (or even the world) can do this safely.

Seeing the new soccer stadium, and even if you don’t agree with it all, still marvel at what a beautiful job they’ve done, and right on time too.

The chirping of crickets – that quintessential sound of summer.

What’s made you fall in love with Cape Town again?

2 thoughts on “Falling in love…

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited. Glad I have. I love the way you write with such passion. Surely there must be a paying market for this kind of writing…

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