Sunny Sunday

you know the feeling:

you’re awake far too early, but your eyes are still closed.

your head is throbbing.

your bladder is pressing

your mouth is dry as cork.

you know you should get up to drink some water, but you struggle to motivate your limbs to move. you desperately want to fall asleep again but the bladder / dry mouth / head combo doesn’t allow you to relax back into a silent slumber.

and just when you think it can’t be worse, that kamakaze mosquito starts dive-bombing your forehead with immense determination.

yeah, i was too tired (lazy?) to put the mozzie net up when i got to bed at 03h00, and now the blood-hungry mozzies were going to have the fun they’d been deprived of for the last 2 months…




finally i drag myself out, do the necessary, down some water, steal a glance at the clock and realise it’s another 2 hours till my alarm is set to go off – time enough to get back under the covers, the pillows have cooled down by now, and get some more shut-eye. a quick panado or two to still the head and hope for the best…

2 hours later another 2 panados were needed – weird, because honestly, i hadn’t had that much to drink… it must have been that damn Uzzo i was talked into…

the rest of the day was great though – a delicious 3 course brunch with good friends on their stoep, playing with their 2 year old and his cars on a slide – you can imagine it 🙂

then a quick nap (pain gone by now), woolies picnic-purchases and a top-down drive up north to D’Aria for the Parlotones concert. i do love the cabrio on a day like this!

the setting was stunning, it really is beautiful out there. i must admit that while i know the name, and have heard their music, this was the first time i consciously put The Parlotones together with ‘Their Sound’ – if you know what i mean. i’m horrendously bad at knowing the name of the artists of songs i hear. i can tell you within about 10 seconds if i like the music or not, but don’t ask me who sings it!

the music’s great – but the concert was a little flat i think. one of us had seen a number of their concerts, and thought this one was ‘flou’ too – the crowd? the sound? the similarity of the sound of the songs? (i’ll get killed for saying that!). i did enjoy the music – but it went on almost too long i think.

followed by 45 minutes sitting in my car in a field of parked cars trying to leave. aargh…

i did meet an amazing guy though – you know how when you meet someone and you click almost immediately? you just connect and talk and talk, about everything and anything. that’s how it was – and he’s not half bad to look at either :). pity that he already has a boyfriend and is only in town for a week.

we did, though, do some sushi afterwards at Willoughby’s (only the best!) so we could keep talking – he, and friend of his, and I.

all in all an awesome day after all !

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