The Best Cappuccino in Cape Town

Aah, a frothy, hot cappuccino on a Cape Town morning, in a spot with a beautiful view – that’s a great way to start the day.

And I’m sure many of us do – but i decided to take it to new heights today. Literally.

At sunrise on top of Lion’s Head.

After a little pestering by a friend of mine, I decided to join her and her friends on their weekly morning walk up Lion’s Head – largely because she said they would start at 05h30 today instead of 05h00, meaning i would only have to get up at 05h00.

When we started it was still dark, but with just enough light to not need the head-torch i had stashed in a pocket. we quickly got into a good rhythm, and despite avoiding the chains, made it up in 45 minutes.

So there we were, at 07h15, frothy cappuccino in one hand, biscuit in the other, watching the sun break through the clouds on the other side of the Table. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people already up there – including a small yoga session going on.

Watching the transition from night to day, or day to night, from this lofty perch always inspires me – it is such a wonderful way to start or end the day.

So, for a different perspective on the morning, with no traffic (yeah!) and still being in the office, showered, by 8, I highly recommend a start from the top of a lion 🙂

It may well be the best cappuccino you have in Cape Town…

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