city of cape town – works for me!

we’ve had potholes at the top of our road for the better part of 2 months now; i’m sure that each motorist in our road was thinking the same thing when they navigated around or between these hollows – “when are they going to do something about this?!”

Of course, the city can’t know about it unless someone tells them – and most people never bother to do that, under the motto “someone else will do it, that’s not my job.”

Yet it IS my job, and yours, and our neighbours, because we can’t get the service we want unless we work with the structures that are in place – be it the roads department or the police and crime. we all need to take some responsibility, and then it will happen.

So it is then that about 10 days ago i googled “city of cape town potholes” and found the contact details of someone to speak to. A very friendly man took the road details and gave me a reference number.

And so it is, that after being away for about a week, that i turned into my road, and didn’t have to dodge any holes.


Be the change you want to see

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