haiti post script

i forgot to mention in my last post what i had done.

i was supposed to rent a tux for a black tie party last night, but after hearing about this earthquake i couldn’t bring myself to spend a few hundred rand on a suit for a few hours.

so i went and bought a black tie instead, and donated the tux rental money (and a little extra) to Gift of the Givers for their relief efforts in Haiti.

I challenge us all to save on something non-essential in our life over the next few days, and donate what we would have spent to this needy cause.

Gift of the Givers website is here: http://www.giftofthegivers.org/

and these are their bank details:

International Projects
ACCOUNT NAME: Gift of the Givers Foundation
BANK: Standard Bank
BRANCH: Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
BRANCH CODE: 05752500

They are a South Africa organisation that has done tremendous work all over the country and the globe, and are usually one of the fastest to respond – despite being non-governmental.

save generously, give generously!

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