bookish goal achieved!

As i am a bit of a book-nut, about 2 years ago iI created a list of all the books I own, and marked next to each one whether I had read it, started it or if it’s a reference book.

At the time there were about 600 or so books on the list, including some duplicates. As of today there are 757 in my collection (and sure to grown over birthday and Christmas season…)

I also discovered that while owning all these books, i haven’t actually read them all… at the beginning of 2009 I’d read 38% of my books (excluding teh reference ones) and i set myself a target of reaching 45% by end of 2009.

Each time I finished a book i updated the spreadsheet and the countdown was nearing 0 – which it finally reached last night ๐Ÿ™‚

So i can happily say i’ve read 45% of all my non-reference books!

for the new year i’m going to try and change the goal a little. i kind of avoided the bigger, thicker books in order to reach my statistics goal, but i’d like to try and cover some of those interesting books as well.

but it is gratifying nonetheless to see this goal reached!

well done to me ๐Ÿ™‚

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