live the moment, appreciate the now!

One of the other things I love about travelling is that you live in the moment – that a week before or after fades into insignificance, because you are experiencing, hearing, tasting, feeling, smelling NOW. And that’s a wonderful place to be – one we don’t explore often enough in our every day life.

I caught myself again a week ago, when I got the opportunity to go to the Aqua festival at the V&A Waterfront.

They have a stage with 65 tonnes of equipment on it, which floats on the water of the harbour. The audience sits in stalls on the quayside, but all the action takes place on the floating stage. In the background is the face of Table Mountain, and all around are the lights of the apartments, the windows of the Cape Grace hotel, and the muted lighting reflecting off the hulls of the multi-million rand yachts moored nearby. It had been a bit rush to get there, but once I took a moment to absorb the setting, I realized that this compares with (and is maybe even better than) some of those concerts you see taking place in Central Park in New York. Truly magnificent is Cape Town 

I’m not necessarily a big fun of opera, but I thoroughly enjoyed that evening of music – 4 excellent singers, supported by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra with a varied programme. If you can, you should go!

One niggle on the night was that people kept getting up and leaving during the show. I know that it was a dress rehearsal (damn good though!) and that the tickets were free of charge, but neither of those give you the right to disrupt the audience and performers by walking out before it is finished. Some people seem to think that because it is free it is not so bad, or they just don’t appreciate it the same way as if it they had paid for it.

It wasn’t just one or two people – I wouldn’t have mentioned that, but there were a lot of people. It is just bloody rude!

Anyway, while I was sitting there I thought back to my week, and how it was actually a good one, even though I didn’t always focus on the moment enough:

1. On Friday evening I got the opportunity to ride in a stretch Hummer limousine! Space for 10 people, and boy was that fun! The lights inside, the tinted windows meaning you can see the oglers outside, but they can’t see you. The bubbly, the music, the smiles it brings to people’s faces. Wonderful!
2. This brought us to a wonderful dinner with my colleagues in a superb venue (Opal Lounge) where we were served by a very cute waiter – much to the enjoyment of a few of us…
3. a wedding in the Harold Porter Botanical gardens in Betty’s Bay the next day. Even though I’ve sent so many people there, I’ve never been – and it is a beautiful spot.
4. our work Christmas party the following night was also a great success: I won Best Dressed Male and got a Shark Cage diving trip for 2 people as a prize. Additionally I won a clock as well as dinner for R1’000 at Nobu restaurant at the One&Only hotel in Cape Town – none of which I would normally do. Lucky me!
5. On the Tuesday I was invited to a High Tea at the Mount Nelson – what a decadent affair  I surprised myself by having mainly savoury foods, but did indulge in one piece of divine cheese cake… again we had bubbly – and I do enjoy those…
6. Wednesday saw my friends and I arrange a lunch for the old age home and hospice guests of Nazareth House in Vredehoek in town. I was blown away by the generosity of people in donating their time and money. Food, chocolates, santa hats, helping hands and even music was donated. Not to mention money that I could donate to them too. People are amazing 
7. and last night Carols by Candlelight in our Kirstenbosch botanical gardens… something that always gets me into the Christmas spirit – again truly magnificent.

So I for one, am trying to appreciate the moment a little more. It’s not always easy in this industry where we are now dealing with rates and issues for 2011, but if I don’t enjoy the present now, when will I?

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