on FIFA and its precious cash-cow

being a Capetonian, i am supposed to be very excited about the impending world cup in our land, now under 200 days away.

but i have had my misgivings about fifa for some time now, in the way they deal with the whole world cup. it has become quite clear that this is not about the friendly competitiveness of soccer played by the best nations of the current year, but it is rather a cash-cow for fifa’s coffers.

1. Why would McDonalds have to be the official food sponsor (and only food allowed near a stadium) in Germany – when Germany has some of the best & easiest foods around (such as their well known sausages – perfect for a game like this!)

2. Why does FIFA get tell us who can and can’t trade within 1km of the stadium, and who can and cannot brand their souvenirs with “2010”?

3. Why does FIFA dictate ridiculous rates for hotels, making them stupidly low for the local hoteliers in a boom season, yet selling them at madly inflated prices to the public? I’m glad so many SA hotels and accommodation establishments told MATCH (FIFA’s accommodation arm) to go look elsewhere.

and now the Ireland – France game has just proven this cash-cow fixation:
it is clear, without any doubt whatsoever, that France’s Thierry Henry used his hands on the ball. ANYONE knows that that is not allowed.
He admitted it was wrong.
He suggested a replay.
Ireland suggested a replay.
France suggested a replay.
everyone suggested a reply.

FIFA said, “non”.

Why? presumably because France being in the game will ensure more spectators at the tournament in SA than if Ireland were travelling south. And more spectators = more money. plain and simple.

But now, if France were to actually win the tournament, it may well be considered a fraud by the world, because they shouldn’t have actually been there. by their own admission.

FIFA has fucked up, and like Mugabe, they are too embarassed to say, “pardon”, “sorry” and stick to the actual old ideals of this game – friendly competition between soccer-loving nations – and may the team that plays the best this year win.

very very sad.

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